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Healing your immune system

A Guide to healing your immune system.

There is an epidemic of Chronic ill health and Autoimmune diseases that equals the epidemic of cancer at present and Doctors have been struggling to cope.

The range of these diseases starts with annoying symptoms of skin problems,poor digestion, food sensitivities, Allergies, Joint pains, IBS, Irritable bladder, hormone problems and brain fog to incapacitating problems like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ME, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism and Alzheimer’s.

The latest research that links all of these is that an imbalance of gut bacteria and damage to the lining of the gut. When the gut is healthy it can keep out external triggers but when it is damaged and the delicate balance of bacteria is upset it can lead to all kinds of symptoms and to autoimmunity, where the body attacks it’s own tissue and not just invading organisms.

There are many things that can attack and lead to a breakdown in our gut lining, chronic use of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) Antibiotics, Chemotherapy, Radiation treatment, Alcohol, poor diet, acute or chronic stress, environmental toxins and food toxins like gluten and sugar.

So treatment begins with removing the harmful triggers, healing the gut with diet and supplements, making sure you are free from infection and parasites and then supporting the body back to an energised and healthy state.

If you want to feel well again then start eliminating the triggers, changing your diet and lifestyle and working your way back to vibrant health.

If you start from

  1. Leaky Gut – do the quiz then go to
  2. Healing your digestive tract
  3. Clean Gut and extra supplements
  4. Help with your detox diet 1 – Sugar
  5. Help with your detox diet 2 – Meal Planning

Also you can find more information on You Tube, blogs and from fantastic on-line Summits like The Autoimmune Summit with Dr. Amy Myers

You can start feeling considerably better within two weeks of starting – as we did. If you do please share your progress with us all in comments.

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