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    SUGAR and overcoming addiction.

    Sugar - overcoming addiction

    You might be surprised that I start by discussion Fat more than Sugar but understanding the connection between the two is vital to understanding SUGAR and overcoming addiction.

    From years we have been told that saturated fat was bad for us and that it caused weight gain, high blood sugar, heart disease and strokes and from that false belief, more and more processed low-fat foods flooded the market. Thousands of fad diets were promoted all centered on low fat and the prevention of weight gain and disease and yet the population has just gone on getting fatter and more sick.

    We now know that advice was totally wrong and that refined vegetable oils and transfats are the lethal ones that age us faster, damage cell walls and cause chronic inflammation and disease. Over these same decades we have eaten more and more carbohydrates to try to satisfy our hunger.  Many of the processed foods and drinks have hidden sugars in an attempt to make them more palatable. Healthy fats satisfy our appetite and have a stabilising influence on blood sugar.

    Insulin Resistance

    Our bodies were not designed to run on sugar and lots of processed carbohydrates like packaged cereals, pasta etc. and therefore we have a hard time converting all those foods to usable fuel. Most modern meals contain much more of this fuel than we can use in the short-term and so the body produces lots of Insulin to process it and allow what is needed to go to work in the muscles, brain and liver. When these cells are full the rest of the glucose is converted to FAT for storage.

    We now consume nearly four times as many carbohydrates(including sugars of all types), a lot less fiber and often poor quality fats and oils. In time, the insulin receptors on the surface of your cells start to decrease in number and also in efficiency and if the glucose can’t get into the cells because they are full – it stays circulating in the bloodstream. The Pancreas senses the high levels of blood glucose and secretes more Insulin and the receptors on the cells  become even more resistant! Constantly higher blood glucose causes inflammation and damage to cells. The main signs that you have a degree of Insulin Resistance is fat distributed around your middle and around your vital organs that is very hard to shift. This is dangerous Visceral fat that can also affect hormone levels.

    We now have 3 generations of people with some degree of Insulin Resistance which has reached 1:2 of the whole population. Type II Diabetes and Cancer are epidemic. Even children are now being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and yet a generation ago it was mainly a disease of middle-age.

    The good news is that it is reversible.

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    Why Low-fat Diets Damage Your Health

    low-fat diets damaging

    Here are 9 reasons why Low-fat diets damage your Health

    1. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K are found in fatty foods. We only get Vitamin A from fat food sources like oily fish, grass-fed dairy and meat, liver and egg yolks.
    2. Fat is essential for good Digestion. The gallbladder only releases bile when it is signalled by fat in the meal and bile then emulsifies the fat so that it can be absorbed. When bile sits in the gallbladder too long it becomes thicker and sticky and is harder to expel. Eventually gallstones and gallbladder attacks result.  We have seen massively increasing numbers of gallbladder surgery from people eating low-fat or poor fat (Trans fats and highly processed fat) diets. Fat is also necessary for proper digestion of proteins and it is only a relatively modern trait to eat lean protein and to avoid eating offal like liver. Some people even going as far as eating egg white omelette. One of the best saturated fats to eat is Coconut oil – especially for people who have had their gallbladder removed.
    3. Blood Sugar Regulation and Insulin Resistance. Increased sugar and processed carbohydrates alongside low-fat is very bad for blood sugar and insulin. We are seeing an epidemic of Diabetes and even seeing Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed in children. The secondary effects of diabetes can be as profound as blindness, early heart attacks and loss of limbs. The effects of a low-fat but high sugar diet can be seen in a build up of visceral fat, which is fat stored in the abdominal cavity, around the vital organs. This fat is especially dangerous because it changes the way your body works. It doesn’t just sit there waiting to be used – it causes inflammation and hormone disruption. It is linked to increased risk of Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer, Depression, and many other chronic conditions.
    4. Cholesterol Balance. Cholesterol is an essential substance for healing and repair in the body in response to inflammation. We need good quality fats in our diet to ensure we keep inflammation down and repair and regeneration at its best. We know know that the only harmful Cholesterol is small, dense LDL particles caused by cereals and processed vegetable oils but eating good quality fats helps turn these into harmless Cholesterol.
    5. Hormones. We need to consume healthy sources of cholesterol-rich saturated fats to support our production of sex hormones like testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone. Low-fat diets also prevent the detox and elimination of oestrogen in particular. Oestrogen dominance then causes PMS and menopausal symptoms in women and erectile dysfunction and ‘man-boobs’ in men.
    6. Immune System. Our immune system also relies on quality fats in our diet. Fats make up the protective outer layer of cells including the cells of our digestive system. The Microbiome of beneficial bacteria in our gut also relies on healthy fats, especially the Omega 3 fats from fish oil. Our Microbiome is 80% of our immune system and also it has been shown to affect whether or not we put on weight.
    7. Brain Function. The brain is 60% fat, saturated fat the main component. For your body to be able to burn fats rather than predominantly sugars (Ketosis) is an important part of preventing and treating Dementia and Cancer. People who consume good quality saturated fats on a regular basis reduce their chances of developing dementia by 36% (Grain Brain by Dr.David Perlmutter). A diet high in Monounsaturated fats, like Olive oil, increases Acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter that helps learning and memory. Omega 3 fish oils have been shown to be very beneficial in the development of the brain.
    8. Detox of hormones and toxins, as mentioned above, is reliant on the liver and the production of bile. Good sources of saturated fat, like butter or coconut oil can encourage detoxification and help balance hormones and weight loss.
    9. Ageing. You may have noticed that there are two ways to age badly. The first is to be overweight with lots of visceral fat, joint problems, and toxins and the second is to be extremely thin, dry skin, dry hair and early wrinkles. Both cases are usually the result of insufficient good fats and oils which also have an influence on Collagen.

    As opposed to the Salad at the top of the Post – this is a healthier salad. Contains sardines in olive oil, Avocado and Beetroot to support the liver. You could also add an olive oil and lemon dressing or a cold potato salad with olive oil mayonnaise. Forget counting calories and concentrate on eating high nutrition foods that will satisfy you.

    low-fat alternative

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    Choosing the HEALTHIEST FATS and OILS

    Healthiest Fats and Oils

    Everyone is now getting on-board with the latest science that has shown that we should be eating good saturated fats and not eating low-fat.

    Choosing the HEALTHIEST FATS and OILS is much more complex than buying low-fat everything.

    More knowledge and label reading is vital if you want to remain healthy or regain your health after eating low-fat, higher carbs over the years.

    The false information about saturated fats causing obesity, Diabetes and heart disease has cost us dearly on a personal level and also on healthcare costs.

    It has probably  been responsible for the dramatic rise in Dementia and Alzheimer’s due to the brain needing sufficient good fats to function.

    There is now plenty of evidence of the benefit of eating sufficient good saturated fats, plus less sugar and refined carbohydrates on loosing weight, loosing food cravings, losing blood sugar problems and having more physical and mental energy.

    The Pharmaceutical industry think that high Cholesterol and Triglycerides are a reason to prescribe drugs rather than fix the cause by changes to diet.

    If researching this topic on the Internet, please check when articles were written! An unfortunate aspect of the Internet is that articles very rarely get taken down and therefore it is becoming a massive source of misinformation.

    Here is a simple guide to what you should and should not be eating when it comes to FATS and OILS.

    healthiest fats and oils

     The healthiest fats and oils are:-

    • Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Extra Virgin Olive oil
    • Butter or Ghee if you can tolerate dairy proteins.
    • Avocado oil
    • the fat from mainly grass fed, organic animals – beef, lamb, pork, duck, chickens etc.
    • free range, preferably organic eggs
    • Oily fish and seafood
    • Fish Oil and Krill oil from a good source
    • Almonds, Cashews, Brazil nuts and Walnuts, their butters and oils

    All of these unrefined fats and oils can be eaten as they are or heated at LOW heat 130 C or 250 F. Food will take longer to cook at this temperature but it should not burn or stick and it will certainly be healthier. Some ceramic pans cook well at low heat, without adding oil or fat. Saute, bake or grill rather than fry.

    Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive oil and butter can be used in MID temperature cooking 177-216 C

    Avocado oil or rice bran oil are the safest for WOK or searing at high temperatures 250 C.

    If eating out choose a method of cooking that follows these guidelines because otherwise you will often be exposed to

    Damaging Fats and Oils

    • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and Trans fats – considered the worst for your health. They will cause raised Blood Triglycerides and cause the formation of small LDL Cholesterol particles that cause Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Attacks. They also block insulin therefore add to Insulin Intolerance and higher blood sugar.
    • Vegetable Shortening – mostly trans fats
    • Refined oils – as the processes used in refining such as high heat, chemical treatment, bleaching and deodorising remove the healthy elements in the oils and produces more of the damaging elements.
    • PUFA’s  – refined vegetable and seed oils like Corn oil, Peanut oil, soy oil, vegetable oils.

    The dangers of Trans fats on you health are many as they are unnatural fats that confuse the human body and disrupt various metabolic pathways. They are very inflammatory in the body.

    Here are some of the effects (taken from tfx.org.uk)

    • raise LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol)
    • promote the formation of arterial plaque, leading to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.
    • Decrease the response of human cells to insulin, a factor in both Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
    • weaken the immune system
    • inhibit the actions of enzymes that destroy toxic and carcinogenic chemicals
    • block the beneficial action of the essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
    • reduce the elasticity of blood vessels
    • assimilate into cell membranes weakening their structure and protective function
    • promote the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and accelerate mental decline amongst the elderly
    • can cause severe allergic reactions and hayfever symptoms

    For good health we need a ratio of nearing 1:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 but in the Western World our diet has moved to much more Omega 6 (as much as 25 times more!) and much less Omega 3. We only need a little Omega 9 and a healthy body can make that itself.

    One of the signs of very low Omega 3 oils in the body is dry and cracked heels – so check those feet!

    Instead of spending a fortune on pedicures or creams invest in improvements to your diet, Omega 3 fish or Krill oil supplements and rub coconut oil into your feet.healthiest fats and oils

    Omega 3 deficiency is linked to increased inflammation and disease.

    Omega 3 is found in two forms

    1. short-chain(alpha-linoleic acid), found in walnuts, flax seeds, leafy green vegetables and wheatgerm and
    2. long-chain(DHA and EPA) which are contained in cold water oily fish such as mackerel, herring, pilchards, sardines.

    It is the long-chain type we need for our brain cells and nerve cells and yet we are eating much less of these than we did in the past. Low levels of EPA and DHA are a major factor in Heart disease and Strokes and they worsen all inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, eczema etc. Before resorting to long-term NSAID’s (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs) and all the serious side effects, it would be worthwhile to change your diet to include plenty of good fats and plenty of oily fish plus supplements of Fish or Krill oil and Turmeric.  See Turmeric Works better than Drugs for Arthritis

    If you are overweight you may be concerned about the amount of calories but as long as you don’t eat excessive amounts of good fats there is no need to worry. Don’t count calories, concentrate on listening to your body and not over-eating at mealtimes. Fat is the element in our diet that is satiating – which doesn’t just mean filling – it means it makes us feel good for longer. When you eat these good fats and oils they are providing what your body needs to function well, fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and improved hormone production and digestion.

    healthiest fats and oils


     Action steps

    to reverse the damage, reduce inflammation, reduce abdominal fat stores and prevent chronic disease and obesity

    would be

    to eat a highly nutritious diet containing  only the good fats and oils

    plus plenty of vegetables and fish

    and minimal Processed food.

    Check out Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Ice Cream – he claims it does amazing things!





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    Confused about Healthy Eating?

    Confused by Nutrition?

    Confused about Healthy Eating? – you’re not the only one! The Public, the media and some Professionals  seem to be struggling to keep up with the massive influx of new scientific and nutritional information that has come to light over the last 5 years. Good nutritional advice is now very much more complex as it involves knowing not only which foods to eat and in what quantities but how to avoid toxins from herbicides, pesticides, GMO foods, chemicals and other health damaging ingredients in foods plus knowledge of the nutrients we may be deficient in due to soil depletion and farming methods. We are living at a time of the highest levels of chronic ill health and we need to understand about healthy eating as part of living a longer life, maintaining a good quality of life and avoiding diseases that are preventable.

    The media are not helping and some newspaper/magazine articles and TV programs are just adding to the confusion by presenting out of date or misleading information and not being able to differentiate between marketing and science. Take “The Truth about….Healthy Eating” on BBC 1 last week – quoted as being an investigation into if we can eat and drink our way to good health. Read More

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    Natural Skincare for over 40’s

    Natural Skincare

    Research of toxin free hair and skin care products has led me to a new regime of Natural Skin Care for the over 40’s that is based on various  oils and products to stimulate the collagen that starts to be lost around this age. A detour from my normal Posts but it is all about nourishment, inside and out.

    I am not going to list all the toxins that can be found in even expensive skin and hair care products other than to say that many are petrochemical in origin, some have been shown to be cancer causing and whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body. Although I am talking about over 40’s skin care here I would urge everyone to look at the ingredients contained in babies and children’s products and reduce the exposure of your children and grandchildren to toxins as much as possible because they will be exposed to many more toxins than previous generations. Read More

  • Autoimmune diseases/ Celiac/ Coeliac/ Gluten/ NCGS/ Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

    Celiac or NCGS is there a difference?

    Celiac or NCGS

    Celiac or NCGS is there a difference? Celiac (Coeliac in UK and Ireland) disease and the connection with wheat has been known about since the 1940’s and with gluten since 1952. Celiac disease is caused in genetically predisposed people by a reaction to a gluten protein called gliadin which can be found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, durum, Kamut and triticale with some people also reacting to oats. Celiac Disease can vary from mild to severe usually showing destruction of the gut lining and is an Autoimmune disease.

    Despite nearly 65 years of knowledge it is poorly diagnosed across all age groups and it is estimated that less than a quarter of people are diagnosed. To confirm diagnosis raised antibodies (IgA) and destruction of the villi in the gut lining have to be demonstrated. Certain populations have a higher incidence, the populations of Ireland and Italy appear to and also people with Downs Syndrome have an increased risk .  Celiac disease is associated with a multitude of other chronic medical conditions, many of which are Autoimmune disorders and also some neurological disorders.

    NCGS – Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity was originally described in the 1980’s and only since 2010 has been included in the spectrum of gluten related disorders. It is also associated with Autoimmune disorders and neurological disorders where no small bowel disease has been discovered.

    It is known that there may be a genetic predisposition but that a trigger such as surgery, infection, pregnancy and emotional stress can trigger symptoms of Celiac disease and NCGS.

    The varied symptoms are common to both and can be:- Read More

  • Cancer Prevention

    Prevention of Cancer – choices we make…

    Cancer prevention for life

    Who doesn’t fear Cancer? We are constantly reminded that it affects more than 1:3 people and that is a terrifying statistic when applied to our friends and family and therefore we tend to push it to the back of our minds. We would like to be certain that we could prevent it and that isn’t possible as it affects everyone from the newborn to the super fit but research shows us that there are lifestyle choices that can help with the prevention of Cancer and being informed and taking action lessens the fear.

    We all produce cancer cells everyday of our lives and our Immune System deals with them but various factors can overwhelm our immune system and make it much more difficult to cope. We can change aspects of our lifestyle and diet to limit our exposure to toxins, support our immune system and include natural foods, herbs and spices that we know have anti-cancer properties so here are some important choices we can make… Read More

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    Paleo Diet Help

    Paleo Diet Help

    Thinking about trying to eat more healthily or changing your diet due to health problems? Then you will find some Paleo Diet help here – focusing on switching foods rather than just eliminating foods.

    A Paleo type diet, The Caveman Diet or Clean eating where you concentrate on natural, unprocessed  foods has been proven to help thousands of people with conditions like these – Joint pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, fatigue, Eczema, Psoriasis, Thyroid imbalance, Diabetes, Sinusitis, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and multiple food intolerance. All of these conditions have been linked to inflammation in the gut and production of a substance called Zonulin, leading to a condition called Leaky Gut, systemic inflammation and Autoimmune Disease. You may not even notice any gut symptoms but removing inflammatory foods and chemical sensitivities can substantially improve your health and prevent the development of Autoimmune disease which is epidemic. This type of dietary change is being used with great success by Functional Medicine Practitioners and Nutritionists and with the addition of supplements, like  L-Glutamine and good Probiotics, it is possible to reverse the condition.

    I will not go into the Paleo diet or the problems with Gluten in detail here as I have covered this in previous Posts and I just want to simplify the idea of switching to more natural foods that will help your digestive system recover and reduce inflammation in your body. Read More

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    B Vitamins and Autoimmune Disease

    B Vitamins

    There are eight numbered B Vitamins that are all important for cellular metabolism but with more recent findings we know the importance of some B Vitamins and Autoimmune Disease.

    People who suffer from Autoimmune Diseases and/or have genetic mutations that affect the way Vitamin B is used in the body may benefit from supplementing the natural forms of B6 (Pyridoxine), B9 (Folate) and B12 (Cobalamin). These three vitamins are critical for for supporting the methyl cycle and DNA and RNA synthesis. B Vitamins are all water soluble and easily lost or destroyed by water, heat processing, roasting and canning. Elevated homocysteine is a proven factor for cardio vascular disease and taking B6, B9 and B12 can lower Homocysteine levels.

    Vitamin B6 as the co-enzyme form Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, P5’P  is used in the metabolism of proteins and fats and is necessary for creating glucose from these foods and is also essential for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and red blood cells. It is necessary for the production of Hydrochloric acid and the absorption of Magnesium and B12. Helps the body metabolise and transport selenium and zinc, is a natural diuretic and alleviates nausea. It is involved in converting 5-HTP into Serotonin and also the calming neurotransmitter GABA.

    Signs of Deficiency are

    • Anaemia not corrected by iron
    • poor sleep
    • kidney stones
    • morning sickness
    • PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome
    • Skin rashes and dry skin
    • Anxiety and nervousness
    • Insulin Resistance
    • muscle spasms and cramps
    • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
    •  Asperger’s and Autism
    • Heart Disease

    Causes of deficiency are Read More

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    Probiotics Breakthrough

    Happy with Probiotics

    A Review.

    We have a Probiotics breakthrough with a new supplement called Elixa Probiotic.

    So much of what I do and write about this past couple of years has been about the health of our Microbiome – the environment of beneficial bacteria within and on our bodies that affects our health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can be taken as a supplement, eaten as fermented foods and even given as an enema and many people have learnt that by improving their gut health they can significantly improve their overall physical and mental health.

    They have proved so beneficial that a daily top up seems essential to some people with chronic inflammatory disease, Auto-immune disease, ADHD, Autism, Depression and Insomnia to name just a few. Taking probiotics has also been shown to improve the function of our immune system. I have taken probiotics on and off over the years. At first the supplements only contained one or two strains and needed to be kept in the fridge but over the years different technology has meant that we can now benefit from several strains and they have a good shelf life at normal temperatures.

    The breakthrough is a new Product that has 12 different strains and is 50 times the strength of the average Probiotic and best of all, you probably only need a six day course to set up a much healthier environment in your digestive tract.

    Elixa Probiotics


    Read More