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    The Truth About Cancer – Review 3 Treatments


    The Truth About Cancer video series discussed many treatment options and I will attempt to review most of them and give links to where you can find more information than was possible here. If I have omitted any then please add details and links in the Comments section at the end so that we can make the information complete. My aim with these 3 reviews was to present as many facts as possible from the video series and present them in a shortened form as a guide or for anyone who missed it. Or visit thetruthaboutcancer.com  where you can buy the series.

    The series quoted that ” 86% of Oncologists say they would not give themselves, or their families the drugs that they use” and then discussed the many and varied approaches that are being used.

    “We need to know how to work outside the box, how to get strategically creative and pursue better results than traditional methods are offering…” Andrea Nakayama Functional Nutritionist.

    They showed 7 key principle areas for helping patients tackle their cancer. Many of these overlap in treatments

    1. Alternative Cancer therapies
    2. Stimulation of the immune system
    3. Detoxification
    4. Nutrition
    5. Anti-microbial therapy
    6. Emotional support
    7. Oxygenation

    Cancer starts in a toxic body with a stressed or suppressed immune system therefore it is important to optimise physiology and to support the body in healing itself. This is obviously the opposite to conventional therapy of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy that all inflict more damage and damage the immune system but some people feel the way forward for them is to integrate conventional and healing treatments to improve the outcome. For instance surgery followed by therapies other than conventional.

    Here are a list of treatments that are designed to support the body:

    • Hyperthermia – heat kills cancer cells so warming the body and sweating help with detoxing and killing cells. Infa-red Saunas were recommended.
    • Parasite cleanse – Parasites if present can weaken the immune system and deplete nutritional status so a cleanse using herbs and spices such as Artemesia, cinnamon, garlic, black Walnut etc. can help.
    • Bowel health – establishing plenty of good bacteria in the gut with sufficient fibre and probiotics will improve detoxification and the immune system health.
    • Liver Cleanse – to optimise liver function, Epson salts, olive oil and fruit juice cleanses can help. See Liver Cleanses
    • Coffee Enemas – came highly recommended but this does not just mean taking your morning coffee by a different route! For more information go to Mind Body Green or for a video on how to use one.
    • 100% Raw Diet – for 90 days (organic) plus supplements to aid detox such as Glutathione and NAC
    • Hippocrates  SoupRecipe
    • Pancreatic Enzymes – for an in depth explanation go to Dr.Sircus 
    • Fulvic Acid and Minerals – go to Fulvic Acid for information from Dr. Daniel Nuzum
    • No Sugar Diet – which also includes low carbohydrates so as to keep the blood sugar low. Cancer thrives on sugar and an acidic environment.


    1. The Gerson Therapy – Coffee enemas, juicing, rest and organic meals using these FOODS
    2. The Budwig Diet – Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese diet
    3. The Forsythe Immune Protocol here
    4. Montgomery Cancer Center Alabama where they use advanced Carmichael Imaging to target treatment.
    5. Dendritic Cell Therapy see info and canceractive.com
    6. Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy – info and canceractive.com
    7. Intravenous Laetrile or eating apricot kernels info at cancertutor.com/laetrile/
    8. Insulin Potentiated Low Dose Chemotherapy ( IPTLD) A low dose of chemo (10%) plus insulin to lower the blood sugar.  More info.
    9. Photo-dynamic Therapy  – uses photo-sensitizing drugs  along with light to kill cancer cells.
    10. Iscador Therapy – is mistletoe extract that is injected under the skin more info.
    11. Anti-neoplastic Therapy – Burzynski Clinic uses epigenetics to enhance the immune system but he is unable to say any more due to legal restrictions.
    12. GcMaf – see my previous Post on GcMaf or  https://gcmaf.se and more info GcMaf (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) Treatment involves GOleic supplement, 10,000iu D3 a day, a diet of white meat, fish and vegetables with no sugar or carbohydrates plus a probiotic yogurt called BravoProbiotic. on their website they list the 5 main causes of cancer: 1. Too much sugar 2. Lack of Vitamin D3 3. Poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and minerals 4.Lack of oxygen and exercise 5. Severe shock or stress. There have been many clinical trials and several are ongoing in various parts of the world see Japan and as far as I can tell this is the most promising discovery so far in that it works with nutrition and a substance that is naturally in the body to activate the body to recognise and kill the cancer cells. It also follows the same principles that are now being used to treat a multitude of chronic diseases and GcMaf has also been used to treat diseases as diverse as Autism and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    Disclaimer. I personally am not recommending any or all of these treatments, I am only reviewing the information that I have seen. I do have personal experience of some of these treatments but have not included that information because every patient and every cancer is different and everyone has to make their own decisions about the treatment that feels right for them.

    Many of these treatments do not have published scientific studies but do have testimonials over many years . Others have Clinical research papers but it appears that the more successful the treatments, the more they generate adverse publicity and counter claims by many agencies. This makes it extremely difficult for the cancer patient to know what is best but as The Truth About Cancer states – follow the money trail. Big Pharma do not want anyone to succeed with alternative treatments that they cannot get patents for. Do your on-line research but don’t waste your time reading Government agency reports or general media coverage. Try to find the places where the therapies are being offered, to how many patients, for how long and the standard of medical care and expertise in those clinics. The other factors that can influence your decisions are location and cost. Many of these treatments may not be available in your country or even if they are the cost may be prohibitive but there is much information here that you can take action on yourself. Support is also growing massively with organisations like The Truth About Cancer bringing together Professionals to educate us so that we can make more informed decisions and find the right professionals to help. Thank you to them and I hope that through my website I am able to reach the people that may not have had the chance to watch the original series.

  • Alternative Medicine/ Nutritional Medicine

    Are you dependant on drugs?

    Do you carry painkillers, antacids and anti-inflammatory drugs around with you? Is your bathroom cupboard overflowing with quick fixes for headaches, indigestion and constipation or diarrhoea cures? Many people are reliant on these and do not realise that the answer to better health doesn’t lie with the regular ingestion of synthetic substances produced by the pharmacology industry. Better health comes from treating your body with care and from regularly providing it with the nutrients it needs to keep healthy. Over the last 10 years over 75 drugs have been changed from prescription only to over the counter – it is important that we know the side effects and contra-indications – if in doubt ask your pharmacist.

    Usually we know what causes our digestive problems – if we have had far too much to drink and end up with our head down the toilet most of the night we know we don’t need a doctor; if we overslept, skipped breakfast and survived the day on multiple cups of coffee and a chocolate bar then we shouldn’t be surprised if we get hot sweats, the shakes, stomach ache and can’t sleep……most people abuse their digestive system on a regular basis and sometimes that abuse becomes the norm.

    Our digestive systems are the front-line of the battlefield with stress, our interface with the outside world. When the system is working well it protects you, keeping what should be out – out and absorbing the fluids and nutrients that your body needs. It is a delicate balance and if we don’t react to symptoms in the right way we can end up with long-term problems and diseases.

    Some common problems and quick nutritional fixes….

    • Eaten too much or too heavy a meal

    – go for a gentle walk, don’t lie down. Lying down can give you reflux and heartburn, going for a walk helps the digestive process.

    – sip pineapple juice or an effervescent Vitamin C drink. Taking antacids can make things worse because you need stomach acids to digest the food.

    • Indigestion or abdominal pain after a meal distended and windy or burping

    – try strong peppermints, peppermint or anise tea or anise liqueur nothing works quicker with trapped wind.

    • ‘Stressed’ guts  – if we have been stressed or too busy to eat and drink properly our guts get inflamed and don’t work properly and this makes us more stressed. On a busy split -shift, during my nurse training, I could eat a whole box of chocolates – even down to the ones I didn’t like!

    To get our digestion back on track as quickly as possible we need soothing remedies and easily digested foods.

    Breakfast – leave the coffee and strong tea until later and have a mug of warm water with a slice of lemon and a little honey: a yogurt or a pro-biotic drink; a Vitamin B complex capsule (50 -75 mg preferably time-release); a flax seed oil capsule as a natural anti-inflammatory or a breakfast smoothie with ground up flax seeds in it (see recipe in a previous post) or cooked oats with a little honey or maple syrup.

    Magnesium is essential for the enzyme systems in our digestive tract so make sure you get more magnesium by snacking on nuts like almonds, brazils etc. and eating leafy green vegetables and maybe a little dark chocolate ( 70% cocoa solids or more). If constipated a magnesium supplement is a gentle treatment.

    If you have fruit juice only drink it in small quantities or dilute with water. Cut down on coffee, tea and alcohol and drink more water, herb teas or green tea. Jasmin tea is very relaxing and is a good one to try if you are not used to herbal teas.

    Eat less but eat healthy protein and good fats, like avocado, olive or coconut oil – and don’t eat ‘on the run’. If you have been rushing to prepare a meal pause when you sit to eat – take a deep breath, close your eyes and be aware of the saliva flowing into your mouth and know that you are ready to enjoy your food. A few seconds taken like this can help your enjoyment and digestion. Try to eat ‘consciously’ as much as you can and if you are not enjoying it – don’t eat it!

    If you can do this for a few days your whole body will feel better for it. Don’t go back to your old ways as soon as you feel better – incorporate some of these things on a regular basis and your energy levels will increase.