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Everyone is now getting on-board with the latest science that has shown that we should be eating good saturated fats and not eating low-fat.

Choosing the HEALTHIEST FATS and OILS is much more complex than buying low-fat everything.

More knowledge and label reading is vital if you want to remain healthy or regain your health after eating low-fat, higher carbs over the years.

The false information about saturated fats causing obesity, Diabetes and heart disease has cost us dearly on a personal level and also on healthcare costs.

It has probably  been responsible for the dramatic rise in Dementia and Alzheimer’s due to the brain needing sufficient good fats to function.

There is now plenty of evidence of the benefit of eating sufficient good saturated fats, plus less sugar and refined carbohydrates on loosing weight, loosing food cravings, losing blood sugar problems and having more physical and mental energy.

The Pharmaceutical industry think that high Cholesterol and Triglycerides are a reason to prescribe drugs rather than fix the cause by changes to diet.

If researching this topic on the Internet, please check when articles were written! An unfortunate aspect of the Internet is that articles very rarely get taken down and therefore it is becoming a massive source of misinformation.

Here is a simple guide to what you should and should not be eating when it comes to FATS and OILS.

healthiest fats and oils

 The healthiest fats and oils are:-

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Butter or Ghee if you can tolerate dairy proteins.
  • Avocado oil
  • the fat from mainly grass fed, organic animals – beef, lamb, pork, duck, chickens etc.
  • free range, preferably organic eggs
  • Oily fish and seafood
  • Fish Oil and Krill oil from a good source
  • Almonds, Cashews, Brazil nuts and Walnuts, their butters and oils

All of these unrefined fats and oils can be eaten as they are or heated at LOW heat 130 C or 250 F. Food will take longer to cook at this temperature but it should not burn or stick and it will certainly be healthier. Some ceramic pans cook well at low heat, without adding oil or fat. Saute, bake or grill rather than fry.

Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive oil and butter can be used in MID temperature cooking 177-216 C

Avocado oil or rice bran oil are the safest for WOK or searing at high temperatures 250 C.

If eating out choose a method of cooking that follows these guidelines because otherwise you will often be exposed to

Damaging Fats and Oil

  • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and Trans fats – considered the worst for your health. They will cause raised Blood Triglycerides and cause the formation of small LDL Cholesterol particles that cause Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Attacks. They also block insulin therefore add to Insulin Intolerance and higher blood sugar.
  • Vegetable Shortening – mostly trans fats
  • Refined oils – as the processes used in refining such as high heat, chemical treatment, bleaching and deodorising remove the healthy elements in the oils and produces more of the damaging elements.
  • PUFA’s  – refined vegetable and seed oils like Corn oil, Peanut oil, soy oil, vegetable oils.

The dangers of Trans fats on you health are many as they are unnatural fats that confuse the human body and disrupt various metabolic pathways. They are very inflammatory in the body.

Here are some of the effects (taken from

  • raise LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol)
  • promote the formation of arterial plaque, leading to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.
  • Decrease the response of human cells to insulin, a factor in both Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
  • weaken the immune system
  • inhibit the actions of enzymes that destroy toxic and carcinogenic chemicals
  • block the beneficial action of the essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  • reduce the elasticity of blood vessels
  • assimilate into cell membranes weakening their structure and protective function
  • promote the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and accelerate mental decline amongst the elderly
  • can cause severe allergic reactions and hayfever symptoms

For good health we need a ratio of nearing 1:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 but in the Western World our diet has moved to much more Omega 6 (as much as 25 times more!) and much less Omega 3. We only need a little Omega 9 and a healthy body can make that itself.

One of the signs of very low Omega 3 oils in the body is dry and cracked heels – so check those feet!

Instead of spending a fortune on pedicures or creams invest in improvements to your diet, Omega 3 fish or Krill oil supplements and rub coconut oil into your feet.healthiest fats and oils

Omega 3 deficiency is linked to increased inflammation and disease.

Omega 3 is found in two forms

  1. short-chain(alpha-linoleic acid), found in walnuts, flax seeds, leafy green vegetables and wheatgerm and
  2. long-chain(DHA and EPA) which are contained in cold water oily fish such as mackerel, herring, pilchards, sardines.

It is the long-chain type we need for our brain cells and nerve cells and yet we are eating much less of these than we did in the past. Low levels of EPA and DHA are a major factor in Heart disease and Strokes and they worsen all inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, eczema etc. Before resorting to long-term NSAID’s (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs) and all the serious side effects, it would be worthwhile to change your diet to include plenty of good fats and plenty of oily fish plus supplements of Fish or Krill oil and Turmeric.  See Turmeric Works better than Drugs for Arthritis

If you are overweight you may be concerned about the amount of calories but as long as you don’t eat excessive amounts of good fats there is no need to worry. Don’t count calories, concentrate on listening to your body and not over-eating at mealtimes. Fat is the element in our diet that is satiating – which doesn’t just mean filling – it means it makes us feel good for longer. When you eat these good fats and oils they are providing what your body needs to function well, fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and improved hormone production and digestion.

healthiest fats and oils


 Action steps

to reverse the damage, reduce inflammation, reduce abdominal fat stores and prevent chronic disease and obesity

would be

to eat a highly nutritious diet containing  only the good fats and oils

plus plenty of vegetables and fish

and minimal Processed food.

Check out Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Ice Cream – he claims it does amazing things!





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