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Probiotics Breakthrough

Happy with Probiotics

A Review.

We have a Probiotics breakthrough with a new supplement called Elixa Probiotic.

So much of what I do and write about this past couple of years has been about the health of our Microbiome – the environment of beneficial bacteria within and on our bodies that affects our health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can be taken as a supplement, eaten as fermented foods and even given as an enema and many people have learnt that by improving their gut health they can significantly improve their overall physical and mental health.

They have proved so beneficial that a daily top up seems essential to some people with chronic inflammatory disease, Auto-immune disease, ADHD, Autism, Depression and Insomnia to name just a few. Taking probiotics has also been shown to improve the function of our immune system. I have taken probiotics on and off over the years. At first the supplements only contained one or two strains and needed to be kept in the fridge but over the years different technology has meant that we can now benefit from several strains and they have a good shelf life at normal temperatures.

The breakthrough is a new Product that has 12 different strains and is 50 times the strength of the average Probiotic and best of all, you probably only need a six day course to set up a much healthier environment in your digestive tract.

Elixa Probiotics


I have been taking a mixture of different probiotics over the last couple of years but I still frequently felt bloated by the evening and among other symptoms I have been trying various options to improve my sleep. Three weeks ago I tried a 6 day course of Elixa having been very impressed by their dynamic and informative website and the fact that they are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free and yeast free. The research that has gone into this product is ongoing and impressive.

The daily dose is 10 capsules with a glass of water first thing in the morning. This is a lot in one go, even for a seasoned supplement popper like me but I decided to leave all other supplements off for the 6 days. The capsules are easy to swallow and I didn’t have a problem with them like I do with some others.

I feel the results are still ongoing but I have no bloating, my tongue has minimal coating in the morning, I feel I have more energy, my brain feels sharper and I have definitely been sleeping better – and for those of you who wonder why sleep has anything to do with good gut bacteria you could read my post on the Brain-Gut Connection but the quick answer is that neurotransmitters like serotonin are made in the gut. Now that I feel all these health benefits I have also cut out some of my other supplements and so I am saving money and only have 3 capsules and my Sizzling Minerals each day.

I highly recommend you give them a try especially if you have been ill, had antibiotics or excess stress in your life. They are made in the UK but are shipped free Worldwide and it is very easy to order from their website at

Let me know how you get on 🙂

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