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    New Year, New Beginnings –

    Internet security


    Just before the holidays I was attempting to change to a self hosted, more modern blog and I was seriously hacked. The analogy to a person being struck down by a serious illness was very apparent. My new blog was completely disabled and the infection spread to my email, and social media sites. In the process and excitement of starting something new, and not having enough knowledge, I didn’t put enough internet security measures in to protect myself.

    Never one to be beaten, I have learnt from my mistakes and made the most of the situation to go bigger and better! Hope you like the result.

    So, the holiday season also saw me “fall off the wagon” having enjoyed my return to good health and not been tempted to eat the dairy and wheat for several months I managed to devour nearly a whole box of chocolates in just 2 days! Much bigger than this one!



    At first I thought I had “got away with it” but within 24 hours I had a throbbing headache, couldn’t sleep and by the morning I had stiff and painful joints and constipation. As with the technology – reset – with a few days of the first cleanse diet as in “Healing your digestive tract” Post and supplements, get rid of the cause of the problem (no chocolates left but brandy butter in the bin!) and now we are all back on track and the wiser for it!

    Happy New Year to you all.

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