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Well it is Monday 10th November and The Autoimmune Summit has started! So much amazing information on diet, nutrition, lifestyle and a positive attitude that can turn your health around.

I have to admit to being a very impatient person and so I paid for access to everything up front and  I am probably ahead of most people listening and getting the transcripts but I just wanted to share something that really hit home with me. Last night I was listening to Dr. Datis Kharrazian talking about The Thyroid and Autoimmunity and towards the end of his interview he mentioned how stress can cause a rise in interleukin-6 which raises Th17 (cells that are key contributors to inflammation and autoimmunity) and cause flare-ups.

As Dr. Kharrazian says “Do you have passion, love, are you doing what you want to do? Do you wake up happy and excited? If not you need to change your life because this is not going to go away just by taking vitamin D.” and “at the same time when people just have someone to touch them and be compassionate and healing, we all get opiate responses and opiate responses activate regulatory T cells which prevent autoimmunity.”

Negativity, anger, resentment are not good emotions for anyone’s health but for autoimmunity, or cancer or anyone with chronic pain it can be very devastating to keep feeding that. So how do you go about changing this. Dr. Kharrazion says “Don’t play victim: don’t play poor me; don’t feel like the world’s against you, like you’ve got all the bad taken in life. Rise up to the occasion, take control of your life, you can control your autoimmunity, you can control your lifestyle. Third part is to be a scholar. Educate yourself. You need to be smarter than any doctor you’ll see. This about your health, this about your life and no one knows better than you.”

Chronic ill health and pain can wear anyone down but you need tools to help keep you positive. For me this means not dwelling on negativity in life, not reading newspapers, doing what I can for charity and change in the World but not feeling guilty that I am incapable of solving every problem.

Cultivate gratitude, possibly by writing down everything you are grateful for on a weekly or daily basis. Follow sites or Blogs that re-enforce that attitude and share on social media to spread the positive. I will end with a this….

A beautiful day

begins with

a beautiful

mindset. When you

wake up, take a second

to think about what

a priviledge it is

to simply be alive & healthy.

The moment we start

acting like life is a blessing

I assure you it will start

to feel like one.

Taken from The Kindness Blog where they will help get you started with 30 days of Gratitude.

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