Adrenal Fatigue/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME

Managing time & energy for stress reduction

We are all suffering from information overload and what I call crap communications overload – addicted to the technology that is at our fingertips 24/7. It is zapping our energy and filling our brains with a lot of information that we don’t actually need. I love my iPad and would struggle to live without it but it should just be a tool and not a time consuming habit. We are feeding our need to feel connected and loved while damaging our real relationships and interactions with real life. You may not think that your technology is causing you stress but it might be a problem for those around you and that will have an impact personally. The You Tube video “I FORGOT MY PHONE” went viral for good reason.

How many times a day do you check your emails?

Do you dread seeing how many you have each day, with the number just going up and up?

Do you wonder where all the time goes?

Do you make loads of ‘to do’ lists?

Do you feel ‘wired’, unable to switch your brain off, unable to get a decent nights sleep?

Take action

  • Don’t use devices after 9pm as the light emitted from devices alters levels of melatonin and can be detrimental to a good nights sleep.
  • Don’t have alerts turned on unless you are expecting something really important.
  • Turn off notifications for other social media -you really don’t need 20 emails telling you other people have also wished a friend Happy Birthday! – or a text telling you that someone you have never heard of is following you on Twitter!
  • Prioritise time for the most value you will get from it, either personally or in business terms.
  • Make a list of what you would like to achieve the next day.
  • Give yourself time to wake-up; wash;exercise/meditate each morning and eat a nourishing low sugar, protein breakfast before you reach for your phone/ipad etc.

FB, twitter, Pinterest, Games or just randomly searching the web are low value things to do that can have a damaging effect on your productivity and energy.

NB. Reading my blog obviously doesn’t come into that category! I am coaching you to nurture yourself  and achieve good results!

Check out this free video for more info on how to double your productivity and a productivity pyramid exercise you can print.

Wake Up!


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