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Regain HEALTH and VITALITY this year…

Vitality and energy

Would you love to regain your health and vitality this year, to have more energy to enjoy life?

Most people feel they need a fresh start to a New Year and although for many it is to start yet another diet or join a gym it is hard to motivate yourself if you have low energy to start with.

January in the Northern hemisphere is cold and damp with little sunshine and short days and so we often feel more like hibernating with a good supply of chocolate and even in warmer climes it can be difficult to go back to work after a good holiday. It is not a time to deprive yourself – so any New Year Resolutions that involved depriving yourself of things you enjoy are likely to have failed already!

A new trend  is to pick a word (or words)for the year that motivates you on many levels. Find your own word that resonates and inspires you so that when you feel lacking in energy you can use your word to bring you back on track. I tend to procrastinate way too much so my word for the year is ‘FOCUS’.

I love this trend because it is much more encompassing and less restrictive than making a Resolution like ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I want to get fit’. If you want to regain your health and vitality you need to work on many levels over time and build on the improvements so that they become part of your life and you mindset. Think of embracing changes over the whole year and look at all the aspects that impact on your health and energy.

If you are not sure where to start, write down all of the key words on the tablet in the picture above and then go through them circling the ones that you feel you most need to work on. Don’t worry if you end up circling them all – it just shows how this can help and how every aspect of self-care is important!

An optional extra is then to write yourself a note saying-

‘To improve my HEALTH and VITALITY I  need the right MINDSET and my word to remind and motivate me during the year is …………’  then stick it on your computer, bathroom mirror or fridge where you will see it daily.

Many things can rob us of energy,

  • poor diet
  • too long sitting each day
  • poor breathing, not getting enough oxygen round the body
  • boredom
  • pollution, toxic environment
  • smoking
  • too much alcohol
  • sugar
  • the environment where we live or work
  • too much social media
  • our relationships
  • our emotions
  • stress caused by other people or situations
  • stress that we generate for ourselves with our own expectations or anxieties

You can make a lot of those stresses go away just by telling yourself that YOU really matter and that you deserve and need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. As you work on your SELF-CARE your energy will improve, the daily stresses will lessen and you will make yourself happier and stronger.

To help you adjust the different areas that affect your health and vitality my next few Posts will FOCUS 😉 on the four main areas.

  1. Mindfulness, stress reduction, and sleep.
  2. Exercise, and interaction with our environment.
  3. Super-nutrition for health and well-being.
  4. Energy tweaking with metabolism and special supplements.

In the meantime I would love to hear which words you choose and why…….please leave a comment below.


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