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PALEO DIET- to regain your health

If you want to rid yourself of irritating and debilitating symptoms then a detox diet is a good way to start. The Paleo Diet has very good ¬†guidelines as it doesn’t include grains and dairy and there is so much support for it on the Internet. One of the best Blogs that I follow is and they give all their information and help for free. This is their PALEO DIET FOOD LIST

Find the original paleo diet food list & infographic and at

If you have a long standing or severe Autoimmune disease then you may find that you need to try the AIP diet which is the Autoimmune Paleo diet which goes further in cutting out other inflammatory foods like the Nightshade family which are potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chillies and spices made from these. Everyone is different and you have to play detective and find your own perfect diet for health so this is one of the best places to start and then you may end up on your own modified Paleo type diet. I would also suggest that you need to strengthen your Adrenal Function, maybe even before changing your diet completely. I will cover this in another post as it can be crucial to recovery.

The diet needs to be followed for at least 30 days and at the same time you take supplements to heal your leaky gut and increase your nutrition. At the end of 30 days you should feel much better and not have any digestive problems in which case you could try introducing one omitted food back into you diet and see how you feel. It is very important to take this slowly and I strongly recommend starting a food diary at this point if you haven’t already. List any symptoms like headache, rash, indigestion, bloating, painful joints, weakness, excessive mental activity or brain fog. You are highly likely to get worse symptoms on reintroducing a problem food and if you do go back to basics foods with lots of alkalising vegetables until your symptoms subside. if you don’t notice any symptoms after 3 days then you may be able to continue eating that food in moderation.

My only exception is wheat. The type of wheat that is being used in much of the developed world has been proven to damage the intestinal wall. A healthy person can recover from this damage in about 3-4 hours but if you eat it 2-3 times a day you are much more likely to develop an intolerance and any wheat protein that gets through the gut wall will set up a chain of damage and destruction. Also, don’t be in a hurry to introduce highly processed wheat/gluten substitute foods. These can contain many ingredients that you have been avoiding – in the case of ‘ free from’ wheat, gluten and dairy Pittas no fewer than 15 ingredients including Dextrose and preservatives.

For more information please watch this 15 min You Tube video by Dr. Amy Myers called The Pitfalls of Paleo.

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