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Exercise and Interaction

Exercise and Interaction

Exercise and interaction with your environment are two of the most important things that affect your vitality.

First lets look at how we spend each day and become aware of what energises us and what drains us. Sometimes you might wake with energy and enthusiasm but how long does it last? What main things can bring that vitality down? Conflict is a big one, relationship problems, getting involved on social media before starting important tasks, long or difficult commutes to work, worrying and stress, lack of planning and feeling that you are not in control of your life.

How can you improve that balance in your own life? Can you increase your activity level from what you do currently? Can you get outside more, stretch, walk, take the stairs not the lift. Just 15 minutes in the daylight and fresh air will boost your oxygen and D3 levels. A brisk walk, sweeping up, gardening can really lift your mood and make you feel more alive.
“There is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes!”
While outside, be in the moment, not on your phone, be aware of everything and everyone around you, the weather, seasonal changes and nature. Be grateful for the environment around you whether in the City or the country there are always things to appreciate like the simple joy of a sunrise or sunset. Yesterday I was travelling home from visiting The London Health Show packed into a train with hardly any room to move but the view of the sun setting over the river and the light on the buildings on a freezing cold evening was quite magical.

Increase your exercise level with whatever you can enjoy and make a habit or ritual in your life. Stretch on waking like animals always do, balance on one leg while cleaning your teeth, some yoga or my favourite,The 5 Tibetan Rites, get a hula hoop or a small trampoline as exercise like these gets your bodies lymph flowing. Unlike your blood that is pumped around by your heart, lymph is mainly moved around the body by exercise and when you sit for hours you do not have good lymph flow and so do not get rid of toxins like you should (another big drain on vitality!)

Diagram of movements for 5 Tibetan Rites……

5 Tibetan Rites


Join a new class – Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Dance or Gym. Vary what you do and keep it enjoyable. Any indoor or outdoor sports can benefit the body and mind even if only watching and cheering 🙂

In your home open some windows for a change of air, have some green plants and fresh flowers – even in the middle of winter we can get a bunch of sunny daffodils for £1.

Have a good de-clutter on a regular basis, getting rid of things you don’t need, recycle/sell or give to charity. De-cluttering can help achieve a more organised and relaxing home environment, you’ll be able to find things easier and decrease your stress levels.

Limit the amount of time you spend on your gadgets because this can really drain your energy, limiting your interaction with those around you. One exception – use them for good with Trackers and  Apps that help monitor and motivate you to eat better and get more exercise.

There are thousands so search for one that suits your level of fitness or activity.

One thing you can’t get on your device is a good body massage – always good when you aren’t able to exercise due to injury or disability or to relax those muscles and improve circulation.

If you can invert your body then being upside down for a while gets more oxygen to the brain, increases circulation and stimulates the thyroid. Anything from just laying on the bed with your legs up and resting on the wall to yoga inversion positions or handstands – whatever you can manage but do it gradually and increase the time that you are comfortable with. If you have high blood pressure you should check with your Doctor first.

The most important thing you can do is take action and incorporate whatever you can into your daily routine – you will soon see the benefit to your health and vitality.

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