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    Pro-active Nutrition


    Pro-active Nutrition, I love this title which you may have seen on a certain brand of Pet Food! Huge amounts of money are spent on advertising Pet Food and and getting us to feed our pets a balanced diet containing amino acids, omega oils, vitamins and minerals. If you are trying to increase the nutritional content of your food then try some of these ideas – they will taste a lot better than the dog food.

    First of all whether you are trying to alkalize, increase the nutritional content of your diet or lose weight then nothing is better than adding some homemade soups. With busy lives it is quick to buy packet or tinned soups but these can have vary between 0 24% food content. I find the best way is to make a large batch of your own and freeze it in mugs or cups. Homemade soup will have 50 -60% food content and is much more nutritious than most shop bought soups.

    Super Soups

    Saute in Olive oil chopped onion and then add any of the following (the more variety of vegetables the more nutritional it will be).

    Carrot, squash, parsnip, celery, herbs, cabbage, kale or chard, some root ginger, garlic and a little sea salt. Add stock (chicken broth stimulates the immune system) or vegetable stock and water and simmer for about 1 hour. When the soup has cooled you can liquidise it or drain off the vegetables and just have the stock – depending on your appetite and digestion. If you freeze it in portions then to add variety you can add Shiitake or other mushroom one day and dried seaweed (Nori, kelp, Kombu, Dulse etc.) another. For a more substantial soup add lentils or beans and a little chopped meat and simmer until cooked.

    Quick Italian Beans – one of my favourites. Can be eaten hot or cold.

    Saute a chopped onion in 1-2 tbsp. Olive Oil. Add a jar of white canellini beans and some chopped fresh Rosemary with a small pinch of sea salt. This goes well in Pitta Bread, as a vegetable or salad with meat or tasty  lunch with cheese, beetroot and rocket.

    Carrot and Raisin Salad

    3 cups grated carrots, half cup chopped raisins, quarter cup toasted slivered almonds, quarter cup each of chopped parsley, celery and spring onion.  Dressing:– 6 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp. maple syrup and 1 tsp. mustard whisk all ingredients and then add to salad and toss.

    Forget about calorie counting or eating low fat food and just eat more good, fresh food and less preprepared or processed food and as little sugar as possible. You will soon feel as perky as your pet!


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    More Healthy Meals


    A healthy diet does not have to mean loads of salad so here is another idea to include for more Healthy meals that are also quick and easy.

    For a more substantial main meal try a Risotto.

    Ingredients can vary as much as you like….again get creative and colourful!

    Onions and garlic sautéed in some olive oil on medium heat. Chopped peppers, red,yellow and green.

    For protein any lean meat or fish. This one is with spicy Chorizo sausage.

    Add paprika or Turmeric (as spices are anti-inflammatory

    and then 2-3 oz.rice per person. Brown or Risotto rice is fine, Arborio risotto rice is great

    Add chicken or vegetable stock

    and some chopped tomatoes, celery, spinach – whatever you like

    Simmer until the rice is cooked, adding more stock as necessary. The finished dish should be moist with a little free liquid. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

    Or a completely different flavour Risotto made with Arborio Rice, onion, white wine, peas and baby broad beans – one of my favourites and so quick and easy.  Check out my Pinterest/Millenniumhealth site for more ideas.

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    Power on a Plate!

    Food can be powerful in healing so here is an idea for some Power on a Plate for Lunch or Dinner. The easiest way to incorporate high nutrition into a meal is to get creative with a Stir-fry. I taught my sons this when they were young and they even managed to win cooking competitions in the Scouts cooking over an open fire.100_6943The fun of cooking this way is that you can add whatever you fancy but remember to make it colourful. You can add any protein of your choice, nuts, chicken, beans etc. The recipe for the one pictured here includes:-

    Broccoli, Shiitake Mushrooms,Peas, Red Pepper,Spring onion, Ginger, Garlic, dried seaweed, Chilli sauce and lime juice with Prawns. All the ingredients should be gently cooked in Olive oil as over heating oils and burning foods destroy many of the health benefits. Basmati Rice, Wild Rice or Brown Rice are better choices than plain white rice or you could serve it with a wholemeal pasta. Beansprouts would be a beneficial addition.

    These ingredients contain many nutrients that boost the immune system and have anti-cancer benefits. For instance broccoli contains Indole-3-Carbinol that is an antioxidant, a Liver protector, blocks oestrogen sites on cell membranes and affects the reproduction and death rate of cancer cells. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, shiitake mushrooms contain Polysaccharides that boost the immune system and help it to recognise cancer cells and destroy them. Drink Green Tea after the meal because it contains beneficial  substances that help the immune system and it also promotes good bacteria in the intestine.

    If you want to know about how food and drink can help you prevent or beat cancer in more detail then a great book is “The Rainbow Diet” by Chris Woollams (M.A. Oxon) who is also the man behind the most informative website www.canceractive.co.uk