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Super-nutrition for health and well-being


Promise to give yourself Super-nutrition for health and well-being in 2016. We are having to cope with more stress, more pollution, more illness, long working hours, frequently poor sleep as well and yet we expect our bodies to cope with it all even with inadequate fuel. You are not going to be getting enough nutrients in Fast Food restaurants or Take Away Pizzas so the balance has to shift to food that you buy and prepare yourself and it doesn’t have to be more costly or time consuming. If you live a very hectic lifestyle or you don’t have a lot of cooking experience then take a look at the services of menu/meal providers like Hello Fresh or Gousto in the UK.

The main idea to get Super-nutrition is to eat far more nutrient rich food so that you have

less sugar and processed carbohydrates……………….. and more real, fresh food.

shift to super-nutrition

Start by increasing the nutrition in your breakfast. I have just started eating some different breakfasts to do this and to have something hot on our cold winter mornings. I have finally found a way that I really like to eat Quinoa. See recipe….

Apple and Red berry Quinoa

2 desert spoons of Quinoa

1 eating apple cut into small pieces

1 desert spoon of golden flax seeds

water to cover then simmer for 12-15 mins

remove from the heat and add fresh berries (Raspberries in the photo) or dried cranberries and some nuts

Quinoa with Red Berries

Delicious and packs a punch with protein and vitamins

If in a hurry I like a warm Smoothie made with a banana, tsp. almond butter, half a mug of Chai tea and half a mug of warm chocolate or vanilla Almond Milk.

If you are working or travelling have a few nuts and a little dried fruit handy as a snack or a fruit/nut bar with no added sugar like ‘nakd.’

Lunch needs to be full of protein and salad or vegetables so that you don’t get a mid-afternoon energy slump. Leave the Carbohydrates out altogether or have just a Pitta Bread or Wrap (gluten free if you suffer from digestive symptoms like bloating). If economising you can’t get better nutrition than a tin of sardines and some salad and avocado. Hummus, eggs, meat or even, if suitable left over supper from the night before – chicken curry with a spoon of natural yogurt.

Dinner could be a stir fry for speed and ultimate nutritional value because it is easy to incorporate several vegetables and a good protein source like prawns, chicken, fish, duck with the portion being more vegetables than protein and if you can serve this with some rice or rice noodles and maybe a little sweet chilli sauce, miso or tamari. There are many more ideas for nutritious salads and Mediterranean style meals in other Posts and I would highly recommend a slow cooker for some comforting and tasty casseroles that can be prepared hours before and then eaten when needed, as they can simmer for ages without spoiling.

Eat good quality protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, spices and herbs, and quality fats such as Olive oil, Coconut oil, coconut milk and cream, nut milks, avocado and grass fed butter if you tolerate dairy foods. Drink only water, teas, a little coffee and a little wine or beer rather than sodas. Sorbet for a dessert or a few cubes of dark chocolate and you will start to feel healthier and more energised. You will be eating less processed food, you will have less inflammatory foods and very few chemical additives. If you were eating more of the processed, high carbohydrate foods before, then you will almost certainly start to loose some weight without counting calories or eating low fat products. If you need more ideas check out Paleo meals on Pinterest or Google ‘Clean Eating’.

Meals should be varied, enjoyable and colourful!

This more than a ‘Trend’ because it is real food and it really works.

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