Nutrition and Cancer

This year, as I have an ongoing interest in the development of Nutrition and Cancer, I am engrossed in The Truth About Cancer The Global Quest series and there is even more fantastic information than there was last year. We are already into No:7 of 9 but I imagine that my followers will have already seen the links I put up on Facebook or Twitter as @SpainLinda

The main emphasis has been on

         DETOX             FOOD           BALANCING ENERGY

The dietary guidelines are very much in line with those on this website as they are aimed at reducing inflammation and providing the best nutrition possible for the cells. The aim is to increase the cellular micronutrients and provide more oxygen by juicing organic vegetables and a little fruit, adding superfoods like wheatgrass, Spiralina and chlorella. To avoid processed foods and toxins from your environment and to help the body detox with gentle exercise, fresh air and plenty of daylight on the skin plus added Vitamin D, Probiotics and supplements, herbs and spices aid the process. Many of these foods and supplements are now known to have epigenetic influences. These are all things we can be doing to prevent cancer developing.

Then they cover many of the therapies being used in clinics Worldwide – Hyperbaric oxygen, GcMaff, UV Light, Viruses that kill cancer, I/V Vitamin C, Vitamin B17 and other substances that have been proved to help the body fight cancer while keeping the immune system strong as opposed to Chemotherapy that can destroy the immune system, weaken the body and still leave the stem cells active.

If you have missed the series so far it is possible to buy it to follow in your own time and the website has all the information and links. The Truth About Cancer

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