Meditation as a life skill


Meditation is a life skill that, until now, I have been unable to master. I fully appreciate the benefits and have known people that have incorporated into their lives I still had trouble finding a method that would work for me.

The science is now well documented that Meditation can

  • calm the sympathetic and increase the parasympathetic nervous systems therefore –
  • lower your blood pressure
  • lower cortisol levels
  • improve digestion/metabolism
  • improve concentration
  • alleviate anxiety and depression
  • improve healing
  • increase attention span and learning
  • improve creativity
  • be anti-ageing

Through MRI scans they know that it actually increases your brain matter in certain areas.

There are many resources available to help you learn – books, Cd’s, itunes, YouTube, I tried many of them and most helped me relax and reduced my stress for a while but I didn’t manage to stick with it and make continuous improvement.

My major problem was always calming my ‘inner chatter’ and concentration so I was amazed when I tried a free trail of Holosync and in just 15 mins a day I began to notice the effects.

At first, as usual, I was just relaxing and sleeping a bit better. After a few days I realised that I was generally calmer and happier but occasionally thoughts of stressful episodes from the past would randomly pop up. I contacted the support team at Holosync who explained that Holosync can bring up unresolved mental and emotional issues that we have suppressed and allow us to release them more fully and that healing can come in layers. It  is not comfortable but it means letting go of more of what can hold us back from reaching our goals and it only happened for a few days. I enjoy doing it as I love the sounds – the white noise is heavy rain which makes me feel cocooned and safe and the bells remind me of the Buddhist Temples in Thailand and the tranquillity there.

The great thing about Holosync is that it is SO easy. You do not have to focus your mind as you meditate because the technology creates that same effect within your brain without your conscious effort. I have already noticed huge benefits to doing the full 30 mins every day, lower stress levels, much better concentration, enhanced awareness and achievement and a sense of contentment. Weirdly, my handwriting  has also improved to a neatness that I remember having when much younger.

I really urge you to try it, to find something that works for you on a daily basis because the benefits can be fantastic.

Holosync makes the improvements happen about 8 times quicker than normal methods of meditation.

Give it a go!

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