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If you are thinking ‘well she gave me a big shopping list but what am I actually going to eat?’ in Healing Your digestive Tract, I don’t blame you, it is probably a huge change to what you are used to. In the next few posts I will help by giving you information, guidelines and links to help you through the first 2-4 weeks, as well as some incite into what we did.

The main idea of a Detox is to take the stress off your digestive system and give your body the nutrients it needs to function well and repair itself.

So, what are we doing? We need to exclude the foods that can cause the most problems for our immune system and digestive system and observe how we feel after we have done that. The main foods that can disrupt our health are wheat, dairy, whole soy, corn, citrus, yeast, sugar and processed food containing multiple additives.

I am going to start with SUGAR.

We need to eliminate sugar because it is not a food – it has no nutrient value – only empty calories that stress our bodies to produce more insulin in an effort to keep our blood sugar at a reasonable level and therefore minimise the damage it can do to our bodies. If you manage nothing else your long-term health will benefit from this step.

if you normally have quite a lot of sugar on a daily basis you might think that this will be impossible to achieve but if you understand why you have a sugar addiction then you might find it easier.

When do you most crave a sugar hit?

  • when you are stressed
  • when you are exhausted
  • when you have skipped a meal
  • when you are depressed
  • when you haven’t had enough sleep

These are all the times when your body is struggling to cope because the minerals that are required by every cell in your body has been depleted and therefore the body is not coping. What it needs is rest, relaxation, a nutritious meal and time to recover. By giving the body a sugar hit we are pushing it further than it wants to go, we are giving it an adrenalin shot and literally the Adrenal glands kick in like kicking spurs into a an exhausted horse. For a while you feel better but if you don’t give your body what it really needs it will feel even worse the next time that blood sugar drops.

Do you recognise that  pattern?

  1. You have a bad night and get out of bed late so there is no time for Breakfast – you grab a coffee….
  2. by mid-morning you feel a dip and you know you need to eat something but all you can get is a biscuit or crisps and another coffee……
  3. by lunchtime you are ‘starving’ and so you go for a high carbohydrate, high fat sandwich or roll and a high sugar drink or juice……
  4. by the middle of the afternoon you feel like crap, can’t concentrate and have a headache coming on….
  5. by the time you get home you feel like you have had a horrible, stressful day and you need to relax so you have another sugar hit disguised as a beer or glass of wine.
  6. If you can get out of this damaging cycle of eating and drinking the wrong things you will start to feel and function better within a very short time – why? because your body is crying out for the minerals it needs and when it gets all of those minerals…it will reward you.

First change your salt. Bleached white salt contains only sodium and this is the form that does a lot of damage and can cause High Blood Pressure, Heart disease, Kidney disease etc. Table salt has iodine added back in because when white table salt was first introduced there was an epidemic of Thyroid disease.

Celtic Sea Salt contains 82 vital trace elements eg. Magnesium,manganese, Boron, Copper, Silicon, Iron and iodine. The benefits of natural sea salt are :-

  • replenishes the body’s electrolytes
  • provides renewed energy
  • provides all 82 trace minerals to promote optimal biological and cellular function
  • balances alkaline/acid levels
  • restores good digestion – starting with stimulating more saliva
  • enables better detoxification
  • can stabilise blood pressure
  • reduces sugar cravings
  • makes your food taste much better!

So with the detox diet being high in vegetables that will provide high levels of Potassium, Magnesium,chromium etc. and by using natural Celtic Sea salt you are giving the body just what it needs.
The other way is to take a plant derived mineral supplement drink daily like Sizzling Minerals. For more information on how this product can improve your health and why please watch the video here Simply Naturals or go to the shop directly for free shipping and discount for auto-ship at SHOP

Next eat some good protein at every meal and carry protein snacks with you when out or at work because these will help stabilise your blood sugar and stop cravings. I have some protein for breakfast like Paleo Pancakes and berries or I put a teaspoon of almond butter or some nuts into my smoothie and I always take either “nakd” date and cashew bites or a small bag of nuts and seeds out with me. A little protein or nut milk drink before bed might stop you waking about 3-4 am due to low blood sugar.

Fruit and fruit juices can also raise your blood sugar and therefore only berries are recommended while on the elimination diet, firstly because they are less likely to raise your blood sugar than most other fruits and secondly because they contain essential nutrients and antioxidants that help clean up your body.

Lastly Alcohol is the faster sugar to enter and disrupt your system so try to leave it out for the duration of the elimination diet. If you have a social function to go to a glass of water with lime and ice does not look out of place. If necessary a glass of wine, a Coronita beer or a Tequila shot  but remember that whisky and most beers contain gluten.

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