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Exercise for those who don’t exercise!


“What is Qi Gong?” I think it is a great exercise for those who don’t exercise!

Qi Gong (or chi gong) is the best exercise for people who have not been very active before or who, due to age or ill health, cannot do much now. Although slow and simple with regular practice it can give immense health and fitness benefits. It can relieve stress, boost the immune system and increase the natural healing abilities of the body. It involves a continual sequence of easy movements that are synchronized with deep abdominal breathing. This stimulates the flow of energy, or chi, around the body and turns off the fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system off and the healing parasympathetic system on. It is similar to Tai Chi and is often practiced using a combination of some of these moves and some Qi Gong moves or as a warm up/cool down for Yoga. For more information try and start relaxing and healing now.100_6613

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